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The only Indonesian spa in Bulgaria


 in order to balance the mind, body and mind


Emerald Esti Spa is the only Indonesian spa in Bulgaria, which has a rich and varied menu of detoxifying, healing and spa treatments brought from the island of Bali. This home of beauty is inspired by the cultural heritage and charm of the Taman Sari Royal Spa. His style and a mixture of Javanese and Portuguese architecture.


Taman Sari is also known as a place for bathing and beauty treatments of royal families of princes and princesses. The secret of beauty and well-being has been passed down from generation to generation. In the spa you will see a portrait of the Princess of Indonesia herself, creator of the royal natural cosmetics Taman Sari and Mustika Ratu – the products we work with at Emerald Esti Spa.


Emerald Esti Spa works with the natural Indonesian royal cosmetics “Mustika Ratu” and “Taman Sari”. Natural oils and natural aromatic substances have a beneficial effect on both the skin and the senses. And since today, more than ever, those products that are closest to nature are valuable, the unique royal cosmetics from Indonesia are guaranteed to enchant you.


(In order to harmonize the soul! The aromas of Indonesian essential oils open the senses and transport you to other worlds, remind you of our connection with the earth – nature, foot massage relaxes, improves circulation in the body, which means more blood and oxygen reach Tomato or herbal face mask cleanses, nourishes the skin and makes it extremely radiant, full body massage with Indonesian essential oils restores mood, has anti-stress and relaxing – restorative effect)

1. Foot ritual

2. Mask of tomato or herbs on the face

3. Relaxing massage with natural essential oils


(in order to restore the balance on the physical, emotional and spiritual level)

1. Indonesian relaxation room with semi-precious stones – a room that helps and reminds us of our connection with the earth! Relaxes the senses, relaxes tension and muscles.

2. Rebalancing full body massage with real aromatic and natural oils.


1. Hydrated with algae – detoxifies, maintains the natural beauty of the skin, helps rejuvenate, invigorate, cleanse and soften the skin. Extracts toxins.


2. Relaxing massage with aromatic oils from Indonesia


VIP apartments for luxury Indonesian rituals

VIP apartment for couples

Emerald Esti Spa employs some of the best professionals who move quietly, talk with a smile, and make you really relax. If you want to be transported to other worlds, you must leave yourself in their hands!

Lyubomira is our receptionist, who will carefully recommend a type of procedure, just a massage or a whole package. A massage or spa treatment is effective only when it meets your individual needs. That is why Lubomira pays special attention to your specific requirements. The right recommendation is extremely important for good results!


If you want to be transported to other worlds, you must leave yourself in the hands of Erdney. He has traveled the world for more than 10 years, including with Shaolin monks, where he studied various massage techniques. The way you swing your body with just two fingers and then stretch it is a unique experience. You just have to feel it.



Sonya is the new addition with golden hands in our wonderful team! She is an exceptional professional with many years of experience! Great skills in different types of massages – therapeutic, anti-stress, anti-cellulite, spa rituals and much more. Sonya is the therapist who will relieve you of the stress of everyday life and will charge you with new positive energy.



He will surprise you not only with his professionalism as a masseur – therapist, with his unique approach to the client and special welcome. Trusting Julian, you choose the best care for yourself! You will also find a wide range of therapeutic, relaxing, anti-cellulite, Asian and sports massages. Give yourself this unique therapeutic experience!




Taman Sari is also known as a place for bathing and beauty treatments of royal families of princes and princesses, it is no coincidence that with us you will find spa packages such as royal temptation, spa package harmony, package real goddess, packages to improve physical condition, Balinese rebalancing program, an ancient Javanese treatment package, a stress reduction program, exotic Indonesian sea therapies, and many others like it to balance mind, body and mind.

Swimming pool

Guests at the Emerald Esti Spa have the opportunity to relax with a healthy cocktail in hand around the impressive heated indoor pool.


The exceptional know-how of Emerald Esti Spa achieves a balance between body, mind and soul, offering different types of spa treatments. The combination of water therapies, procedures with Dead Sea mud and algae, natural Indonesian products, and much more.

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